Executive Search - Anderson Partners

Our philosophy

Anderson & Partners Executive Search believes that the match between personality and organisational culture is the key success factor in the co-operation between person and organisation. Organisations and people will only be able to make the utmost of their capabilities, if they are fully aware of the strength of such a match.

Anderson & Partners offers its clients access to the best candidates in the different function segments. It is this select group that really makes the difference. We offer our candidates new challenges and the opportunity to continue their careers with well known, and professional organisations in the Netherlands. As a wise man once said: ‘Even the most brilliant monologue, can not replace the dialogue.’

Anderson & Partners therefore in particular is focussing on the candidate’s personality, and ambitions, and not only on the person’s qualifications.

It is difficult to determine whether an individual ranks among the top of a certain group. The match between a person's character and an organisation’s culture is a key success factor. But certainly not the only one! Organisations are continuously changing. We believe that a new employee will need to be an exponent of the targeted culture. If the drive, and ambitions of both candidate and organisation are in sync with each other, success is assured.