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About Anderson & Partners

Anderson & Partners Executive Search was established in 2005 when several partners, all experienced executive searchers, decided to join forces. The office is located in Est, the Netherlands.

We especially focus on executive and senior management positions (both line and staff), in the areas of Financial and Professional services in general, and in the Pensiun and Asset Management Industry in particular. Industrial and Pharmaceutical as well as assignments in the Construction and Engineering business are executed by BTC, our subsidiary located in Waardenburg. Our domain covers positions with a remuneration level of € 90.000 and beyond.

The key success factor in the co-operation between person and organisation is the match between personality and organisational culture. Only by being aware of the strength of such a match, people and organisations will be able to make the utmost of their capabilities.


Mid 2014 Sintius was established. Sintius, a subsidiary of Anderson & Partners, is a recruitment agency, staffed by young, enthusiastic professionals who enjoy working in the Search business. The team aims at filling vacancies for young professionals (up to 6 years experience) and professionals (more than 6 years experience) with a yearly income of €50.000 +. For more information, please click here